Welcome to Rapid Air Drying Systems

Rapid Air Drying Systems is a cutting edge technology used to significantly reduce the amount of drying time required for waterborne coatings. Rapid Air Drying Systems was invented and developed by Hahn Marketing LLC, a firm that also owns Hahn Collision. The Rapid Air idea was formulated when Hahn Collision converted over to spraying with waterborne coatings and saw production decrease due to the amount of flash time for waterborne paint. The Rapid Air Drying System actually helps increase production by significantly reducing the flash time required by the new waterborne coatings.

As collision shop owners, we know the Rapid Air Drying System is the perfect solution for any collision or body shop. Installation of our drying systems in your collision or body shop will allow you to maximize efficiency and greatly reduce costs.

What Are Waterborne Coatings?

Most coating manufacturers have developed waterborne color coatings to comply with emissions requirements. Future changes in air quality regulations are expected to lower the volatile organic compound (VOC) limits allowed in coatings and require the use of waterborne refinish coatings. Waterborne and low-VOC coatings technology continuously improves to meet the needs of the industry while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Custom Designed Solutions

We design systems to fit most standard booths as well as accommodate custom tunnel booths for fleet business.

Product Features

  • Creates warm/dry air without the use of an air compressor
  • Produces even metal surface temperatures
  • Provides air speed up to 1200fpm in the center of spray booth
  • Lowers humidity in spray booth without increasing spray temperatures
  • Reduces flash base coat times between 3-8 minutes
  • Increases production by 50%; lowers bake time by 10 minutes
  • Eliminates hand held drying devices
  • Low cost per hour to operate